Terms of Use

HentaiRon Terms of Use:

A) Users can watch unlimited videos but must load or buffer only one video player at a time. The only time the users to play the next video is when they finished buffering the previous video.

Loading / buffering / playing multiple video players at the same time will lead the users IP, banned. Repeat violation may lead to a country ban.

Banned countries and banned users are allowed to enter the website but would not be able to to play videos, notifying the users a “200 stream not found” or the player will not appear.

Lists of banned countries:
The ban will be lifted without notice. While waiting, banned countries may able to download here.

B) If the website server experience a high traffic from the users, the website will shutdown and will notify users a site maintenance page and will re-open within hour or more.

Note: VIP members are invulnerable to all of these rules. Banned user and countries may not able to join our VIP website.