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Hatsukoi (First Love) Episode 2

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Hatsushima Minoru was a high school student, who goes to Seiou Kan Gakuen High school which located on the hill in a historical town. He spent a carefree campus lives with his friends. One day in spring, his boy a...

Furueru Kuchibiru Episode 2

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Based on the manga by Erect Sawaru.

Fechikano! Episode 1

44.49K Views1 Comments

Based on the adult manga by Lapis Lazuli.

Inyouchuu Etsu Bonus

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One day, Yamato, Mikoto and Takeru visit a village in the mountain for the training to be monster hunters. They have various hard trainings and finally become the monster hunters. But there is something wrong with ...

Furueru Kuchibiru Episode 1

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Based on the manga by Erect Sawaru.

Swing Out Sisters Complete

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It’s finals time, but tests aren’t the only things stressing out Yuuta, who’s literally being smothered with affection from his beautiful sisters: Chiyoko, who is feminine, caring, and coddles him; and Chinatsu, a str...

Princess Lover! OVA 2

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Based on the game by Ricotta.Amongst the cast is Sylvia van Hossen, a proud young woman of noble lineage. She has been raised to serve her kingdom and its people. This is her story.

School II Episode 2

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No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

Namanaka Hyaku Percent! Episode 3

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There is no plot summary for Namanaka Hyaku Percent! at this moment. We’ll work on getting one up as soon as possible!

Ane Summer! Episode 2

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No description yet.

Amy to Yobanaide Episode 2

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Emi is a high-school girl with a very strong love for her younger step-brother. She finally decides that it is time to confess her love to him, since it is near her 18th birthday. But, before the climactic moment w...

Akina to Onsen de H Shiyo! Episode 1

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No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

Sailor Fuku Shinryou Tsumaka Episode 2

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Nozomu is a student, but famous in the field of psychiatry. He works hard every day to find a way to remove mental concerns of women. Actually, his deceased father worked on this theme and he now takes it over. One...

Pisu Hame! Episode 6

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A 2nd Year High school student and a Kendo club member, Tamao Tsukamu, admires his senpai, the club captain, Kiritani Konome.One fateful day, she asks him for a favor involving making special kinds of photos for the s...

Maid Ane Episode 2

10.84K Views1 Comments

One day Yuuta comes home to find his childhood friend Akie has returned to his country village. Akie works as a maid in Tokyo and Yuuta begins thinking of her in a whole different light.

Innocent: Shoujo Memoria Episode 1

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* Based on the manga by Akatsuki Myuuto.

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