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Study A Broad Episode 2

3.42K Views0 Comments

Sex education is one of them! Here at our all-girls school, one male teacher takes it upon himself to best educate students in the ways of carnal knowledge. Using (and abusing) his authority, he lures the hottest s...

Kimihagu Episode 1

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The main character is in his second year of high school. One day, he falls in love with Kasumi, who has just moved to his school. But he is too shy to talk to her. Minami, his childhood friend, advises him to join ...

Class Reunion Episode 3

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A young group of friends meet up for the first time in a very long time after finishing high-school. One of them remembers how once ago a girl left him Daisies and a love letter inside his locker, back in the high-sch...

Heritage From Father Episode 2

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Episode 1: Due to father's death, Xian was called back to castle. Being the chairman of the greatest conglomerate in Japan, father has made Xian as his heir. Just for some reason he became to dislike his own father, a...

Hime-sama Gentei! Episode 1

6.24K Views0 Comments

There is no plot summary for Hime-sama Gentei! at this moment. We’ll work on getting one up as soon as possible!

Busou Shoujotai: Blade Briders The Animation Episode 1

24.58K Views0 Comments

In the late 21st century, humankind came under a fierce attack from aliens who suddenly appeared via wormholes.

Futabu!! Episode 1

83.25K Views2 Comments

Based on the adult manga by BOSSHI.

Aki Sora Episode 2

5.66K Views0 Comments

Aki-Sora revolves around Aki Aoi and Sora Aoi, a pair of close siblings who have shared an intimate bond since childhood. During their coming of age, they each come to realize the true depth of the love they feel f...

Daraku Reijou Episode 1

28.01K Views0 Comments

Based on the doujin manga by Kemigawa

Yakata: Kannou Kitan Episode 2

39.19K Views0 Comments

Based on the adult game by Bishop.

Mei King Episode 3

5.01K Views0 Comments

Cain Asbell was an unremarkable guy until he rescued Princess Charlotte. He goes from pauper to Lord, but there's a catch. Cain has to make his land the most prosperous in the country within 5 years. If he fails, he'l...

Oni Chichi 2: Harvest Episode 1

47.85K Views0 Comments

No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

Honoo no Haramase Oppai: Ero Appli Gakuen Episode 1

28.72K Views0 Comments

Japanese: 炎の孕ませおっぱい★エロアプリ学園 THE ANIMATION

Tsunpuri Episode 1

47.17K Views0 Comments

No synopsis information has been added to this title.

Shin Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki The Animation Episode 1

90.57K Views0 Comments

Based on a doujin game by Orcsoft.

Aniyome wa Ijippari Episode 1

16.48K Views0 Comments

Tsutomu's parents passed away several years ago, before that they ran a flower shop. Now it's run by his older brother's wife, Mai and he is living with them. Tsutomu's brother now works somewhere else, so Mai is left...

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